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Welcome to the region of Liezen.

We are delighted to welcome you to the region of Liezen, a rural area in the middle of Austria.

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Being the largest political district in Austria, the region of Liezen is highly diverse. Despite having three strong touristic brands, Schladming-Dachstein, the Ausseerland and the Gesäuse, the region lacks a common and shared identity. In a recent survey, 25% of the locals made a negative comment when asked what first comes to their mind when thinking of the region.

The answer we found
to the question of our
shared identity is a

highly emotional, three minutes film showing in
a kaleidoscope way what makes us stand up every morning, what fuels our
local economies and way
of living.

Explore the region of Liezen.

TOPLITZSEE mysterious lake

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Albrecht Syen, owner of the “Fischerhütte am Toplitzsee”, the only restaurant at Toplitzsee lake, spent over 60 years at the lake. He first hand experienced lots of the (illegal and dangerous) searches after the Toplitzsee treasure, which allegedly was dumped here in World War Two.


With pleasure, Albrecht told us some stories while going on a boat ride together. We all felt some kind of mystic, unknown and calm spirit while out on the lake. Undoubtedly, a place with a lot of power. And the treasure is yet to be found.

ENNSTAL LAMM Ennstal's shepherds and lambs


Over 100 shepherds in the region of Liezen breed and take care of around 4.000 lambs. When their time has come, a regional butcher carefully processes the lambs to “Ennstal Lamm”, highest quality sheep-meat and a protected Styrian trademark.


One of the shepherds is Walter Schmiedhofer from Öblarn. During the summer months, most of his sheep – at the moment over 100 – spend their time at Hauser Kaibling, while Walter has some more time to focus on other things he deeply cares about.


KRÄUTERBAUERNHOF PERCHT Austria's highest herb farb


At Austrias highest herb farm at Michaelerberg, over 300 different medicinal and aromatic herbs thrive at 1.250 meters above sea level.


Over thirty years of experience in the cultivation and processing, which even the youngest kids experience, is a blessing for all herb enthusiasts. In particular at harvest, but also at the processing, every step is done by hand.

PERSCHENHUBE 3D archery course


The 3D archery course „Ströchauer Schützenluit“ at Perschenhube in Lassing was inaugurated in 2018 and, since then, is an insider’s tip for archery enthusiasts of all ages.


41 archery stands, which are located in proximity to the Perschenhube, and a training area offer beginners as well as professionals the possibility to prove their concentration and dexterity skill with bow and arrow.


GENUSSMOSTHOF VEITLBAUER apple farm and production


Apple and more! Susanne and Christian Weißensteiner have cultivated the Veitlbauer farm in Weißenbach/Enns for over 20 years and turned their vision, lifting traditional apple must to the next level, into reality.


Their "apple(wine)garden" amidst the Styrian Ennstal as well as meadow orchards in close proximity are the basis of highest-quality apple must, juice, cider and vinegar.

DIE TONEREI work together pottery studio


Heidi Simbürger, the owner of the pottery studio “Die Tonerei” in Au bei Gaishorn, handcrafts unique pieces out of clay - using traditional techniques. What's special about this is that everybody is invited to drop by to try and eventually discover pottery as a new hobby.


Whether you are a beginner or enthusiast, in the pottery studio, where creative craft in an inspiring atmosphere is a key feature, you don’t have to follow any rules. Get yourself some clay and just get started!


KRAUSHÖHLE GAMS gypsum crystal show cave


The 340 metres deep Kraushöhle in Geodorf Gams is a must-see for young and old. Exploited in 1881 by Austrian speleology pioneer Franz Klaus, the cave was classified as the world’s first cave with electric lighting.


Nowadays, the Kraushöhle is one of thirty-two show caves in Austria and the only gypsum crystal show cave in Europe. But beware: It can solely be explored with a guide and (charged) flashlights.

ARDNING ALM alpine hut


The Ardning Alm is a hut located in Bosruck Massif. Opened in 1960 as a more sophisticated hotel and restaurant, the Ardning Alm slowly degraded the following decades. In 2001, the building completely burned down at a tragic fire.


Since the reopening in 2004, the "new" Ardning Alm has provided hikers, cyclists and visitors a cozy venue for resting and enjoying their time.


GASTHAUS UND GÄSTEHAUS KRENN tavern and guest house 


The tavern and guest house Krenn in the picturesque town of Pürgg has established itself as a famous venue since the 14th century and stands for finest culinary and hospitality in the region of Liezen.


Tourists and locals can have themselves spoiled by regional and seasonal delicacies in a very unique atmosphere or enjoy the magic of Pürgg during a stay in the guest house. On the one hand, the guest house is an ideal starting point for numerous hiking trails but, on the other hand, invites you to linger confortably around the inn and guest house. 

JOHANNESKAPELLE medieval chapel


The Johanneskapelle (St. John’s chapel) in Pürgg, the crib of Styria, lies on a calvary hill above the town centre and is famous for its virtually unscathed fresco paintings, which were found during reservation work in 1870.


Its medieval, byzantine frescos, which are estimated to be drawn during 12th century, count to the most beautifully preserved frescos of that time. Nowadays, the chapel is under monumental protection.


SÖLKPASS mountain pass


Sölk Pass (el. 1.788 m) is a high mountain pass which connects the districts of Liezen and Murau. The curvy and diverse route from Sölkpass to St. Nikolai offers (motor)cyclists an incredible view into Naturpark Sölktäler.


Cyclist Markus Brandl from Mitterberg, one of the very few participants at the 2019 Race Across America (RAAM), very much values this sight.


STEINER 1888 loden cloth manufactory


The family business of Steiner in Mandling resumes the 130-year-old tradition of loden cloth production and at the same time sets an example for innovation, sustainability and progress in the region of Liezen.


For loden production, only natural material comes into question. The local sheep farming industry has been delivering highest-quality mountain sheep wool for generations, which is refined with fine and sustainable alpaca, merino sheep and cashmere goat wool from all over the world.

SÖLKER MARMOR marble mining


The marble excavated from Kleinsölktal, Sölker Marmor, counts to world’s most finest marbles. In the last years, the responsible Sölker Marmor GmbH developed into a dynamic company, which stands for innovation as well as tradition.


At the premises, which are located right next to one of the extraction sites, raw marble is cut into the desired form, precisely polished and then refined. With know-how and enthusiasm, known processes are constantly optimised and new, innovative marble products are produced, which delight customers from all over the world.


PLANNERALM freeride and ski area


At over 1.600 metres of altitude, the Planneralm in Irdning-Donnersbachtal is the highest ski village in Styria and offers skiers and snowboarders a true winter sports paradise on 16 kilometres of excellently prepared slopes.


Countless off-piste routes let ski tour enthusiasts and freeriders enjoy going off the beaten path as well. The ski & freeriding school there is managed by Gernot Weber. They offer various courses to beginners as well as enthusiasts, with the result that they can soon explore the deep powder snow at Planneralm by themselves.

AK UNION ÖBLARN weight lifting club


The weight lifting club AK Union Öblarn was formed in 1967 and due to their excellent youth prospects slowly established itself as one of the most promising weight lifting clubs in Austria. The winning formula: Learning the right technique at an early age.


And the results tell ist own tale: In 2021, the upcoming talents from Öblarn achieved several national and state championship titles at youth level.


DEISL PARKETTMANUFAKTUR massif parquet manufactory


The family business Deisl in Liezen specialized in the production of highest-quality solid-wood parquet. These solid wood tiles are laid with absolutely no glue and, thanks to a milled tongue and groove connection, the solid wood parquet fits perfectly together.


This fact gives the floor a homogeneous and robust character. Today, the parquet from Deisl Parkettmanufaktur with no doubt counts to the finest pieces of the European parquet industry.

AUSSEER HANDDRUCKE hand printing service


Ausseer Handdrucke (former "Handdrucke Sekyra") is one of the last authentic hand printing services in Europe and is located in Bad Aussee. The technique of printing different fabrics with models (model printing) has been used for over a millennium. The printing procedure, however, hasn’t changed much since then. 


According to the owner, Markus Wach, hand printing requires sure instinct and a lot of time. But it’s worth is: This process turns every piece to a valuable one-of-a-kind.




Bacherleitn ski lift in Weißenbach bei Liezen is managed by the Sportgemeinschaft Weißenbach and was opened in 1960. At first, it was used as mode of transport for sledges. In the 1960s, Weißenbach had a very famous artificial luge track which was known way beyond national borders.


Today, the Bacherleitn ski lift serves as a nearby and child-friendly sporting facility for the people of Liezen and nearby towns to go learn or master skiing and snowboarding. Ludwig Roier, the opeations manager at the lift, is commited to provide prepared slopes – even if there is almost too little snow.

DACHSTEIN AND DACHSTEIN MASSIF Styria's highest mountain


The Hoher Dachstein (2.995 m) emerges between the towns of Ramsau am Dachstein (Styria) and Obertraun (Upper Austria) and represents the highest mountain of the Liezen region as well as the entirety of Styria.

In the winter months, besides one of the most famous freeride-routes of the eastern alps (“Edelgrieß”), there exist several additional routes for beginners and professionals. In the summer months, the Dachstein Massif changes to a climber’s paradise. Dozens of different routes in all difficulties, cozy huts providing handmade delicacies and an aerial cableway for climbers that seek to conquer the top of the Dachstein are just some of the endless possibilities provided by this mythical colossus of stone.


PUTTERERSEE ice skating


Unless it’s not too warm or stormy, the Putterersee provides the biggest

ice-skating area of Ennstal - while being completely free to use.


The well-prepared ice area with a terrific Grimming view invites ice-skater, hockey enthusiasts and ice stick shooters alike. The hope and tremble for the lake to turn cold enough has, for some locals, turned into a yearly ritual.



A delightful natural experience for ski tour enthusiasts is a ski tour to Grabnerstein, a summit in Admont’s Haller Mauern. The ski tour from Buchau saddle to Grabneralm and in succession to the Grabnerstein (1.847 m) counts to one of the most beautiful tours in the region of Liezen.


After ascending an altitude of around 1.000 metres, reaching the summit rewards everyone with a fascinating view to the summits of the Großer Pyhrgas (2.244 m), Großer Buchstein (2.244 m) and Admonter Reichenstein (2.251 m).


WIENER WASSER water for Vienna

Artboard 1.png

In 36 hours from Wildalpen to Vienna: The Second Vienna Mountain Spring Pipeline has supplied the Austrian capital Vienna with best-quality fresh water from the Styrian limestone alps since 1910.


The operational management in Wildalpen (MA31 of Stadt Wien) is responsible for maintaining and cleaning the water extraction plants as well as the mountain spring pipelines, which transport over 200.000 m3 of water from Wildalpen to Vienna – in one day.

BERGRETTUNG LANDL mountain rescue service


The local mountain rescue service unit of Landl, which is part of the Österreichischer Bergrettungsdienst (Austrian mountain rescue service), was founded in 1957 and operates in the local communities of Landl, Altenmarkt and Sankt Gallen.


Mario Buder, head of the local unit, and his team are commited to rescue people, maintain climbing routes as well as working on exercises and courses regarding rafting, canyoning and ice climbing safety. The main area covers the mountains of Kleiner Buchstein, Tamischbachturm and the Großes Maiereck.



Braunschweiger, meat loaf or smoked meat: The butcher shop Steinmetz, located at Rottenmann main square, is highly acclaimed for its highest-quality meat products.


In their shop at the main square of Rottenmann as well as in a mobile shop, which visits the surrounding villages once a week, the family business offers meat delicacies in various different types. According to owner Thomas Steinmetz, the responsible use of food and regionality are the key points of meat production craft.




Intolerances towards conventional cosmetics and the self-aware abandonment of palm oil led Ilse Köberl to start making various beauty products on her own.


In the meantime, Mrs. Köberl sells her creations in her soap manufactory in the heart of Bad Aussee. All soaps are completely palm-oil free, handmade as well as based on bio plant oil and 100% essential oils.


STODERZINKEN mountain for calm sports


Since the operation of the ski lift at Stoderzinken had stopped in 2018, Gröbming’s “own” mountain overturned its image in a very short time: From a crowded ski mountain to a snow shoe and ski tour paradise.


Today, especially the local residents of Gröbming are excited to explore the Stoderzinken from a different side. The few visitors and an astonishing view at nearby mountains such as the Dachstein and Loser are just two reasons to become familiar with “new” Stoderzinken.


BURG STRECHAU renaissance castle


Burg Strechau (Strechau castle) is Styria’s second largest castle and, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular. First mentioned in 1074, the partly gothic, partly romanesque fort was turned into a renaissance castle in 16th century. In 1848, after 200 year of Stift Admont control, the castle was left to ruin for around 50 years. After restaurations and conversion work, the owning Boesch family managed to bring new shine to the castle.


Since 2006, the castle as well as an automobile museum has been open for the public and offers visitors public tours with a quick glance into Austria’s automobile history.

SALZKAMMERGUTLOIPEN cross-country skiing


The Salzkammergutloipen in Bad Mitterndorf truly are a cross-country skiing paradise and, with no doubt, belong to Austrias most beautiful slopes. With around 130 kilometres through the plateau and magnificent meadows and forests of Bad Mitterndorf, beginners and professionals alike will find well-fitting slopes to enjoy and work out.


At the Tauplitzalm, a few kilometres north of the town centre, lots of professionals and enthusiasts appreciate the snow security and variance of more difficult slopes.




The Erzherzog Johann shooting place in Aich im Ennstal is the first adress for responsible hunting and shooting enthusiasts in Upper Ennstal.


The shooting place belongs to the Steirischer Jagdschutzverein (Styrian Hunting Protection Association) and serves as an important facility for hunters to test and improve their accuracy, handling and gun reliability. Next to courses, examinations for the hunting license and practice shootings, this facility also hosts national shooting championships.




The river Salza in Natur- und Geopark Steirische Eisenwurzen counts, without a doubt, to Austrias most beautiful rafting rivers. Wild enjoyment through the valleys between Wildalpen and Palfau is equally appreciated by tourists from all over the world as well as water rats from the region of Liezen.


AOS Rafting in Großreifling offers various tours for all ages. Half-day-tours, day-tours as well as private tours can be booked daily.


WSV RAMSAU ski jumping


As host of the 1998 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, the Wintersportverein (WSV) Ramsau has established itself as one of Austrias most renowned winter sports clubs. Besides cross-country skiing, ski jumping is an important pillar in the club’s offer, especially for kids.


Thereby, the coaches focus on each individual athlete and give feedback before and after the jumps to help improving their jumping style. At the training facility, it seemed that some kids dream of a successful career in cross-country skiing and/or ski jumping - and to be fair, several athletes from the club actually made it – but in the end, fun is paramount to all of them.


LAZ STAINACH football academy


The Landesausbildungszentrum (LAZ) Stainach is one of a few dozen football teaching facilities in Austria and offers interested kids from the Liezen region great conditions to improve their footballing ability and to get recognized and signed by football academies.


At the moment, the coaching staff trains around 30 future prospects four times a week to help them achieve their dream of a successful footballing career.

TRACHTENSCHNEIDEREI RASTL traditional dressmaker


The Ausseer Dirndl is one of Austrias most famous dirndl and a cultural heritage that is appreciated and recognised way beyond the region of Liezen. The name Rastl is a synonym for original costume from the Ausseerland.


The tailoring at the Meranplatz in Bad Aussee is not only the place where highest quality, customized Ausseer dirndl originates but also offers precise changes on existing pieces.


GALSTERBERG luge track


Sweeping, speedy and curvy are just three fitting words to describe Galsterberg’s 5-kilometre-long natural luge track. Winter magic on two runners invites visitors and locals to a hearty sledge ride at day as well as at night.


One (or more) rides on Liezen districts most famous luge track is not only a must-do for all sledding-loving tourists, but without a doubt also a highlight of the winter for a lot locals.



The „mountain of treasures“: The salt mine in Altaussees Sandling mountain was first mentioned in a document in 1147 and is, at the moment, the biggest active salt mine in Austria.


Thereby, all miners are dedicated to mine natural salt in traditional manual labour. A trip to the public mine is an exciting way to learn more about salt mining.


ANDRÉ ZECHMANN tattoo artist


André Zechmann is one of Austrias most famous tattoo artists and has realized countless projects in graphic design, painting and fashion for over 25 years.


After many successes at national and international tattoo conventions, he established his own tattoo studio In Schladming’s outskirts. Under strict hygiene regulations and latest tattoo technology, André solely brings colourful images to one’s body, which are appreciated by local customers as well as tattoo enthusiasts from all over the world.



stalingradkapelle-stills_c-RML Marco Schupfer (3).jpg

The Stalingradkapelle (Stalingrad chapel) in Aigen im Ennstal was built in remembrance to the over 200.000 fallen in the Battle of Stalingrad (today: Wolgograd) between 1942/43.


Opened in September 1973, the chapel no longer counts as a secret spot. Quite the contrary: It turned into one of the most popular view points of the Liezen region. Easily reachable via short hiking paths, the chapel at 1.100 meters above sea level offers visitors a beautiful view to Upper Ennstal and the Grimming.

BURG GALLENSTEIN medieval castle


Constructed in the 13th century, Gallenstein castle served as refuge and administrative headquarters of Admont Monastery until the late 19th century.


Today, the ruins of Gallenstein castle are a cultural and social hotspot of the Eisenwurzen region and offer a stunning view as well as various events in a very unique atmosphere.

... and more.

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